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Ultimate Strategy Guides (2,000 – 10,000 words each)

Options Trading 101
Long Call
Long Put
Short Put
Short Call
Covered Calls
Protective Put
Bull Put Spread
Bear Call Spread
Bull Call Spread
Bear Put Spread
Iron Condors
Butterfly Spreads
Calendar Spreads
Double Calendars
Short Strangle
Short Straddle
Long Strangle
Long Straddle
Diagonal Call Spreads
Diagonal Put Spreads
Double Diagonal Spreads
Put Ratio Spreads
Put Ratio Backspreads
Call Ratio Spreads
Call Ratio Backspreads
Poor Man’s Covered Call
Poor Man’s Covered Put
The Collar
Broken Wing Butterfly With Puts
Broken Wing Butterfly With Calls
Synthetic Long Stock
Synthetic Short Stock
Risk Reversal
Stock Repair Strategy
Christmas Tree With Calls
Christmas Tree With Puts
Broken Heart Butterfly
Rhino Option Trade
Jade Lizard
The Wheel Strategy
VIX Term Structure
Adjusting Iron Condors
Gamma Risk Explained

Best Option Education Articles

Trading is tough, it can take years to understand the markets and all the different options trading strategies.
Luckily for you, I’m here to help you by sharing my best advice from years of experience trading the markets and also getting educated and obtaining a Masters in Applied Finance.
Below are some of my best posts that you can use to help improve your trading, listed in reverse date order:

MAY 2024

Where To Sell a Bull Put Option Spread?
Is the Options Collar the Same as a Vertical Spread?
What is the AIC22 Trade?
How to Manage an Iron Condor for Profit
When Do Calendar Spreads Have Negative Theta?
The Best Breadth Indicator

APRIL 2024 Review 
Using OptionNET Explorer to Study Options Strategies
What Are Realistic Returns For The Rhino Option Strategy?
A Western View Of An Eastern Trading Indicator
How To Reduce Gamma On An Iron Condor
Wheel Options Strategy Risks: Navigating The Downside
Long Volatility With The VIX OTM Fly
Trying To Catch A VIX Spike With A Vertical Spread
A Practical Guide to Identifying High Probability Option Trades
What are the YieldMax ETFs?
Dealing With Uncertainty In Trading
Unusual Whales Review: 2024 Ultimate Guide

MARCH 2024

5 Advanced Option Strategies
How to Hedge a Short Options Position With Futures?
The Comprehensive ORATS Review
The Back Ratio Options Spread
Anatomy of the Volume Profile and the Virgin Point of Control
What is the ABE indicator?
What is the Best Market Neutral Income Strategy?
Hedging a Market Drop with ETFs
Are You Suffering From Analysis Paralysis In Trading?
TradeStation Review
How Options Trading is like Playing Chess
CheddarFlow Review


What Is The Beige Book, And Is It Beige?
Example Of One Butterfly Hedging Another
Explosive Options Review
How To Calculate The Net Delta Of A Position
Emotional Discipline in Trading
Advanced Dynamic Collars
Covered Calls: How to Adjust to Changing Market Conditions
Top Ten ETFs For The Wheel Strategy In 2024
John Locke V32 Trade: A Detailed Playbook
Adjusting The Rhino Options Trade Example In Crazy Up Move
Understanding Stock Float: A Look at Liquidity
Trading the Rhino without Calendars – Is It Possible?
5 Advanced Option Strategies


The Ultimate Scanz Review
What Is The Difference Between A Ratio Spread And A Backspread?
How to Trade with the Donchian Channels
What is VWAP?
Trading The Rhino Broken Wing Butterfly Option Strategy On SPX
Ninja Spread Review
Stop Hunting: Are They Hunting My Stops?
How To Trade Support And Resistance With Options
Trading Options Around Earnings Reports
Review Your Trades To Speed Up Your Learning Curve
How To Identify Support And Resistance Levels?


What are Cash Management Bills?
Uncommon Option Strategies You Need to Know
What is the Anchored VWAP, And How Do You Use It?
Long Strangle Squeeze Trade Example
How To Detect A Break In Market Structure
Option Trading vs Stock Trading: Which Is Right For You?
Squeeze Trade on META using the TTM Squeeze Indicator
Review of SJG Trades Alert
Can ChatGPT Pick Stocks?
Can The Rhino Strategy Be Traded On The SPX?
What Is Implied Volatility in Options Trading
What is GEX? The Ultimate Guide to Gamma Exposure
How to use Options as a Portfolio Hedge


Unlocking Your Portfolio: The Role of Options in Diversification
The Definitive Guide to Heikin-Ashi Strategies
Is Trading Difficult?
Ninja Trader Review: Everything You Need To Know
How We Can Improve Our Trading By Analyzing Trade Logs
5 Common Option Trading Mistakes to Avoid
Portfolio Margin vs. Regulation T Margin. What’s The Difference?
Trading Options in an IRA account
The Psychology of Options Trading: How to Keep Your Focus and Discipline Sharp
What Cars Do Successful Traders Drive?
Why Paper Trading is not the real thing
QQQ Iron Condor Example
How To Enter An Iron Condor On Interactive Brokers
What are Cash Management Bills?


StockTwits Review: Twitter for Traders or Just Noise?
Quantitative Trading: A Beginners Guide
Understanding Options Gamma: How’s it calculated, and what does it mean?
Order Flow Trading
Trading Breakouts: A Guide for Active Traders
The Ultimate Guide for Options for Retirement Accounts
Shorting Volatility with a Collar
The Broken Wing Condor
Could This Be The Reason Why Traders Are Losing Money In Trading?
The Investors Guide to the Good Til Cancel Order


NVDA Bull Put Spread Idea for Income Traders
Ten Best ETFs for Iron Condors
Jim Dalton – The Man Behind the Success of The Market Profile Method
How to Condorize a Credit Spread
Can We Trade Income Butterflies When IV Is Low?
Calendar and Double Calendar Example
LiveVol Review: Uncovering the Pros and Cons of LiveVol
How To Reduce Stress In Trading
What Are The Benefits Of An Alert Service?
Turning Butterflies Into Asymmetric Iron Condors


Tom King 1 1 2 income Options Strategy
What Is A Call Option Sweep?
Why Does Put Selling Work?
Defined Risk Version Of The 1 1 2 Option Strategy
Reducing Capital Usage In Butterflies
What is Revenge Trading and How to Avoid It
AAPL Long Term Bull Put Spread Idea
Trading Iron Condors in a Low Volatility Environment?
Rhino Options Trade in a Big Up move – Did it Survive?
Apple Stock Ten-Month Covered Call
VTS Review (Volatility Trading Strategies)
Option Adjustment Strategies: Maximizing Profit Potential
Converting a Broken Wing Butterfly into a Black Swan Hedge
How to Get a Free Hedge From a 1-1-2

JULY 2023

Steady Options Review: In-Depth Analysis
What is Quadruple Witching: Decoding this Market Phenomenon
Another Look at the A14 Broken Wing Butterfly Strategy
Long Term Iron Condors – A Good Place to Start
What is the Sharpe Ratio?
Synthetic Stock Strategies
No Stress Iron Condor Trade Example
Options Trading for Retirement
Put Credit Spread Lingo
Have You Seen the Time Fly Options Strategy?
What Is Meant When Investors Say The Market Is Extended?
Price Sitting On Top Of A Ball
A Low-Stress Rhino Butterfly Trade Example

JUNE 2023

Is It a Bad Idea to Trade Options at the Open?
Using Implied Volatility for Option Adjustments
VectorVest Review: Is It the Right Stock Analysis Tool for You?
What is the Risk-Free Rate of Return, and How Do You Calculate It?
What is Positive Skew in Options?
What are the Alternatives to OptionVue?
How to Adjust a Butterfly in a WhipSaw Market
Hedging with Options: A Comprehensive Guide
Broken Wing Iron Butterfly Trade Example
The On Balance Volume Indicator (OBV) Guide
Are Earnings Trades Profitable?
Selling Puts on Margin: Good Idea or Bad Idea?
Option Traders Assistant Review
How and Why Interest Rates Affect Options

MAY 2023

AAPL Dec Condor with a Bullish Directional Bias
COIN Short Puts With Delta Hedge
Are 0 DTE Options Here to Stay or Just a Passing Fad?
Stop Losing Money on Long Options: The Foolproof Guide
The Double Calendar Pre-Earnings Strategy
Practical Applications Of The 2 Percent Rule
The Complete Guide to Adjusting Butterfly Spreads
Advanced Option Trading Strategies
Best Robotic Stocks For 2023
The Role of Implied Volatility in Options Trading
TSLA Earnings Trade Example
Trading Options on Earnings Reports
How to Build Wealth with Options Income Trading

APRIL 2023

What Is Volmageddon 2.0: Prepare For The Worst
Options Liquidity Demystified: Your Ultimate Guide
Meditation For Traders: A Surprising Connection for Improved Results
Navigating the Risks of Weekly Credit Spreads: What You Need to Know
Mastering Contango and Backwardation: A Comprehensive Pictorial Guide
How to Trade Breakouts like a Pro: Expert Tips and Strategies
Options AI Review: Our Verdict on its Performance and Accuracy
Dollar Cost Averaging: A Primer and Calculator
Risk Free Option Strategy: Using T-Bills And Options
Amazon Sold Puts with Delta Hedge
Fundamentals of Support and Resistance
GS Condor Example

MARCH 2023

Mastering Your Trading Routine: Steps to Optimize Your Trading Performance
How Is MACD Calculated: Math and Mechanics of this Popular Indicator
Trading Edge: Tips and Tools for Optimizing Your Strategy
Cut Your Losses Quickly: Know When to Cut Trading Losses
Option Tracker Review: Step-by-Step Analysis and Tutorial
The 10,000 Hours Rule In Trading: Myth or Reality?
Money Net Review: Is It Worth Your Time?
The Boxcar Option Strategy: Revolutionize Your Trading
The A14 Weekly Option Strategy: Is it Right for Your Trading Style?
A14 Options Strategy Backtest Analysis and Findings
How To Scale Up Your Trading – The Correct Way
Trading Without Emotions: Tips and Strategies for a Disciplined Approach
John Locke’s M3.4u Options Strategy: Expert Tips
What Is Volmageddon 2.0: Prepare For The Worst


Unbalanced Condor Example – UNH
RSI Calculation
Gross Domestic Product Explained (GDP)
Low IV Stocks
Bear Call Spread Example – DE Case Study
Iron Condor Case Study – AAPL
Asymmetric Condor
What Is A Sovereign Wealth Fund and Which Are The Largest?
DIS Iron Condor Case Study
Accumulation Distribution Indicator – How to Use the A/D Indicator
Market Profile: What Is Market Profile Trading?
Why We Hold Losing Trades Too Long


Who Is Trader Tom?
Blue Collar Investor Review
Synthetic Stock Strategy
Lamborghini Stock: Is Lamborghini Publicly Traded?
Sierra Chart: A Complete Review
OIH Condor Example
LinkedIn Stock: Is LinkedIn Publicly Traded?
Become A Process Oriented Trader: Master the Process, Not the Outcome
Short Straddle Example – CSCO Case Study
Wingman Tracker Review
The Dan Zanger Story: From Pool Man to Market Wizard
Blackbox Stocks Review
VWAP Trading Strategy: A Comprehensive Guide


Nabisco Stock: Is Nabisco Publicly Traded?
MACD Strategy Back Test Results
Ultimate Guide to Selling Iron Condors
Bull Bear Indicator
Selling Weekly Covered Calls
EMA Cross Strategy
Breakout Trading Indicators
Short Put Butterfly
Fractals Trading: What is Fractal Markets Theory?
Selling Covered Calls – A Detailed Guide
New Balance Stock: Is New Balance Publicly Traded?
How To Paper Trade Options: Four Different Ways


Quaker Oats Stock: Is Quaker Oats Publicly Traded?
What Is An Albatross Spread?
How to Read a Short Put Diagram
Trader Joe’s Stock: Is Trader Joe’s Publicly Traded?
SPX 0 DTE Iron Condor Backtest Results
IV Crush After Earnings
R.J. Reynolds Stock: Is R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company Publicly Traded?
Tim Sykes Review: Legitimate Trader or Not?
OptionsPlay Review
The Road Trip Trade
Rolling Cash Secured Puts
CMLViz Pattern Finder: A Sneak Peak
Calendar Spreads With Weekly Options
Low IV Options Strategies


Bull Flag Pattern: Technical Analysis Guide
Twitch Stock: Is Twitch Publicly Traded?
SKEW Index: What Is It And How To Understand It
Deloitte Stock: Is Deloitte Publicly Traded?
What Is Option Decay?
Fitbit Stock: Is Fitbit Publicly Traded?
MACD Crossover Strategy
How To Trade Options On Robinhood
Bose Stock: Is Bose Publicly Traded?
OptionStrat Review
Dunkin Brands Stock: Is Dunkin Publicly Traded?
The Bullish Calendar Spread


Moving Average Crossover Strategy
Dragonfly Doji Pattern: Is It A Reliable Chart Pattern?
Weighted Moving Average: What Is It And How Do You Use It?
Tradersync Review: Complete Guide For 2022
Top Mistakes People Make With Money
Was Mark Douglas A Successful Trader?
ESPN Stock: Is ESPN Publicly Traded?
Bass Pro Shop Stock: Is Bass Pro Shops Publicly Traded?
Red Bull Stock: Is Red Bull Publicly Traded?
SPX Weekly Option Strategy: Does It Work?
Options Terminology
Market Update – 09.23.2022
IKEA Stock: Is IKEA Publicly Traded?
Option Omega Review
Five Mistakes To Avoid When Trading Credit Spreads
Bearish Put Calendar Spread: Option Strategy Guide

AUGUST  2022

How Do I Start Algorithmic Trading?
Free Option Books
Best Algorithmic Trading Strategies
Best Stock Screener For Swing Trading
What Is The Long Iron Butterfly Option Strategy
Can You Invest In Only Fans Stock?
How To Write Covered Calls: 2022 Ultimate Guide
TikTok Stock: Can You Invest In TikTok?
How Long Did The 2008 Volkswagen Short Squeeze Last?
How to Create a Financial Forecast for a Startup Business Plan
How to Get a Retail Business Loan with Bad Credit
How To Get A Financial Analyst Job
Clubhouse Stock: Can You Invest In Clubhouse?
Leap Options: How To Buy Leap Calls As A Stock Substitute
Is HEB Grocery Stock Publicly Traded?
Market Update: Mid-Week August 24, 2022
J Crew Stock: Is J Crew Publicly Traded?
TastyWorks Review: Ultimate Guide For 2022
CMLViz Review
What Is Considered High Implied Volatility
How to Manage a Sudden Financial Setback

JULY  2022

The Reverse Iron Butterfly (Also Known As The Long Iron Butterfly) Review
Hang Seng Index Stocks List
What Is a Bear Trap Pattern?
How To Set Up A Target Butterfly Spread With Puts
Options Trading 101 Webinar on July 14th – The Ultimate Beginners Guide
Iron Condor Setup – Narrow Or Wide Wings?
WallStreetZen Review: Everything You Need To Know
ThinkorSwim Tutorial: Ultimate Guide for 2022
High Beta Stocks List
Long Call vs Short Call: Key Differences Explained
Difference Between Futures And Options
Market Vs Limit Order

JUNE  2022

Example Of Adjusting An Iron Condor
Book Review: “The Options Wheel Strategy”
Picking Up Pennies In Front Of A Steamroller – Responsibly
Unbalanced Condor – ADM Example
XLE Diagonal Option Spread Example
Selling A Put Option Out Of The Money
Option Strategies For Bear Markets
How to Trade Options for Income
Delta Neutral Option Strategies – Should You Use High Priced Stocks?
Option Expiration Calendar
VIX Expiration Calendar
What Are Fibonacci Levels?
Butterfly Setup – How To Thin Out A Butterfly
Layering Iron Condors – HD Earnings Example
Diagonal Put Spread Example – Taking A Loss On Boeing Review

MAY  2022

Iron Condor Earnings – AMD Example
The Covered Short Strangle Options Strategy
Delta Theta Ratio – What Is The Ideal Ratio?
What Are Heikin Ashi Charts?
CAC 40 Companies
Which S&P 500 Stocks Are The Most Liquid?
Poor Mans Covered Put Example
How To Use The Ichimoku Cloud Indicator
Hedging Short Vega With Short Delta
The Ultimate Guide to the Options Wheel Strategy
RUT Iron Condor Example
Calendar Spread Example – AAPL Stock
What Are The Eleven Market Sectors?

APRIL  2022

What Is A Rounding Top Pattern
Piercing Pattern Candlestick and Bullish Engulfing
What Is The Reverse Harvey Butterfly Adjustment?
How To Manage Or Adjust Debit Spreads
FTSE 100 Companies List
How to Cut Risk On Credit Spreads
Stock Ticker Symbols That Are English Words
Portfolio Beta Calculator
Ger 30 – DAX Companies List
Two VIX Hedging Strategies
Is Your Option Strategy Long Gamma Or Short Gamma?
Short Put Versus Covered Call
Diagonal Put Spread Example – NFLX

MARCH  2022

Gamma Hedging Guide
Rolling Options – Complete Guide for 2022 : OTIQ
What Is A Trend Following System
Broken Wing Butterfly Strategy Experiments
What to Do With a Losing Call Option
Put Option Delta
Bullish and Bearish Separating Lines
How To Set Up A Synthetic Short Put
Reward to Risk Ratio and Win Rate
How to Trade Call Debit Spreads
Top Netflix Finance Documentaries
ASX 100 Companies List
DOW 30 Stocks List
NASDAQ 100 Companies List


ASX Top 20 Companies List
Options Earnings Strategies
Price Action Trading Books
Bearish Option Strategies : Comparing Four Different Ideas
Top 50 Traders On Twitter – 2022 Edition
What Are In The Money Options
Broken Wing Iron Condor: What Is It?
Options Backtesting: How Much Should We Do?
Option Writing: The Ultimate Beginners Guide
Implied Volatility Percentile
Long Call Condor
Double Diagonal Vs Iron Condor In Backtest Competition
Christmas Tree Options Strategy: How To Trade It


The Protected Wheel Options Strategy
Fear And Greed Index Explained
How Much Is One Penny Doubled For 30 Days?
Trading Math: The Most Important Mathematics In Trading
Income Butterflies: How Much Money Can You Make?
Highlights from the book “Long Term Secrets to Short Term Trading”
Free Backtesting Software
Seagull Option Strategy
What Is An Ascending Broadening Wedge
Alternative To The TTM Squeeze Indicator
Weekly Versus Monthly Covered Calls
What Is The Know Sure Thing Indicator?
Book Review: Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets
ASX 200 Companies List


Elon Musk Favorite Books
Best Traders Of All Time – Who Is The Most Famous?
Stop Order vs Stop Limit Order – What is the Difference?
6 Trading Rules From Legendary Trader Marty Schwartz
Stock Market Crash – Biggest Declines Through History
Trading Implied Volatility – The Implied Volatility Calculator
Exxon Mobil Stock Split History
How To Make Money With Covered Calls
Second Order Greeks
Top 20 Best Iron Condor Stocks – (Updated 2022)
Short Strangle Adjustments
Where Does Warren Buffett Live?
Best Stocks for Wheel Strategy Trades: Use These In 2022


IV Crush Example
How Important Is Portfolio Management?
What Are The Objectives Of Portfolio Management?
How to Capitalize on IV Crush Over Earnings
Short Percentage of Float – What Does It Mean?
Defensive Investor: Ultimate Guide To Defensive Investment
Subway Stock: Is Subway Publicly Traded?
Stocks vs Bonds vs Mutual Funds: Your Ultimate Guide
Pros and Cons of Corporate Bonds
40 Financial Affirmations For An Abundant Life
Open Ended and Closed Ended Funds: What’s The Difference?
10 Best US Stocks
Short Interest Meaning: Stock Trading Tutorial
Is Chick Fil A Stock Publicly Traded?
Are We In A Derivatives Bubble?
Best Commodity Trading Apps
What is an Engulfing Bar
What is the Megaphone Pattern?
What Are The Different Types Of Stocks?


Adjusting Calendar Spreads v2
Betting Against The Market
Option Samurai Review
Adjusting Calendar Spreads
How Do Brokers Make Money?
Preparing For A Financial Crisis
TSLA Bull Put Spread Example
Where To Find Unusual Option Activity Scanners
Iron Condor Success Rate
Fast Graphs Review
How To Use A Bull Put Spread Screener To Find Bottomed Out Stocks
Theta Decay: Which Option Strategy Has The Most Time Decay
Easy Option Strategies
Where To Find Historical Option Prices
Option Strategy Cheat Sheet
Hedging in Finance
What Are Inverse Volatility ETF’s and How Do They Work?


What Is Vanna In Options?
How To Trade Calendar Call Spreads
What Is A Good Delta For Options?
Hull Moving Average
Best Moving Average For Intraday Trading
Introduction To Multiple Timeframe Analysis
Multiple Timeframe Analysis Using The Hammer Strategy
Vacation Trades: Option Strategies For When You Are Away
Option Greeks: Everything You Need To Know
The Reverse Iron Butterfly
Understanding Option Premium
Can You Buy Stock In Burger King?
Leveraged Trading Guide
10 Day Trading Secrets For Beginners
Warrants vs Options: What’s The Difference?
Most Popular Articles On Options Trading IQ
Tail Risk Hedging
Is Marvel Entertainment Stock Publicly Traded?
Option Profit Calculator
Black Box Stocks Review
The Complete Guide To The Option Ladder Strategy
Dataroma Review
Best Algorithmic Trading Books


Bull Call Spread Exit Strategy
Best Moving Average For 1 Minute Chart
Three Line Strike Candlestick Pattern
Anatomy Of The Head And Shoulders Pattern
Best Indicators For Day Trading
Burning Time With The Unbalanced Butterfly
Stock Rover Review
ADX Trading Strategy
Iron Condor vs Short Strangle
Bull Put Spread Exit Strategy
Trend Spider Review
When To Roll Covered Calls
Parabolic SAR Trading Strategy
The Short Put Ladder Strategy
VIX Hedging Strategy
How To Use Option Scanners To Find Iron Condor Trades
Parabolic SAR Trading Strategy Part 2
The Short Call Ladder Strategy

JULY 2021

Candlestick Pattern Cheat Sheet
Elliott Wave Theory: What Is It And Is It Important?
MACD Above Zero Line: What It Means
Victory Spreads: What Are They And How Do You Trade Them?
Trading Weekly Iron Condors For Income
How To Adjust A Losing Credit Spread
Triple Moving Average Strategy
Day Trading Options
Selling Puts For Income
Option Credit Spreads Destroyed My Life
RSI Divergence Cheat Sheet

JUNE 2021

Trading As A Business: The Ultimate Guide
Conservative Option Strategies For 2021 And Beyond
Using Options Beta
Risk of Ruin
Probability of Profit (POP): Is It Important…. YES!
Selling Weekly Put Options For Income
Best Books on Swing Trading: #2 Is My Favorite
VVIX vs VIX: Volatility and the ‘Vol of Vol’
What Is RSI Divergence? Learn How To Spot It
Conservative Options Strategies for 2021 and Beyond

MAY 2021

Options Time Decay
What Is Volatility, And How Does It Impact Decision Making?
Iron Condor vs Iron Butterfly: Which Is Better?

APRIL 2021

Cheap (Or Free!) Protection For Your Stocks
Selling In-The-Money Puts
The Dividend Strip Strategy
Double Calendar Earnings Trade: Backtest Results
1 2 3 Chart Pattern
Most Liquid Options
Covered Call Screeners
Different Types of Stock Traders
What is Front Running?
What Is Quadruple Witching?

MARCH 2021

Calendar Straddle Option Strategy
Hedging With Options
Option Strategies For Low Volatility Environments
Selling Deep In-The-Money Covered Calls Review
Covered Calls For Dummies


The Comprehensive Guide To The ZEBRA Strategy
Different Types Of Conditional Orders
Options Trading For Beginners
5 Strategies For High Probability Option Trading
What Are Big Boy Iron Condors
Covered Calls With LEAPs Strategy
Theta Vega Ratio For Option Sellers


The Broken Heart Butterfly Option Strategy
What Is Volatility Skew?
How To Profit From Unusual Options Activity
Delta Hedging Example For Iron Condors
Selling Cash Secured Puts: Detailed Guide
Buy To Open Vs Buy To Close


Zero Cost Collar To Protect A Stock Position
A Study On Butterfly Spreads – Backtest Results
Trading Credit Spreads For A Living – Is It Possible, Plus A Simple Method To Get Started Today


Trading the Rhino Options Strategy
The Ultimate Guide To Call Ratio Spreads
Using A Broken Wing Butterfly To Hedge The Rhino Option Strategy
Example Of A Bullish Risk Reversal Trade


Ultimate Guide To The Synthetic Long Stock Strategy
How To Delta Hedge An Iron Condor
VXX Options Strategy Review:


The Best Guide To Selling Weekly Options
Long Gamma and Short Gamma Explained
Best REITs Paying Monthly Dividends
What Is UVXY And How Does It Work?
Iron Condor Examples
10 Tips For Option Trading Success
Everything You Need To Know About Options Bid Ask Spread
IV Rank vs IV Percentile: Which Should You Use?
Option Alpha Review
Long Straddle vs Long Strangle – AAPL and SPY Examples
Option Buying Power Explained


Best Stocks For Iron Condors
Put Option Profit Calculator
Best Ways to Scan for Stocks with High Implied Volatility
Diagonal Put Spread Example
The Chicken Iron Condor
What Is An Unbalanced Iron Condor?

JULY 2020

The Best Weekly Option Strategies
Call Option Profit Calculator
Iron Condor Calculator
Nifty Option Trading Strategies
Ultimate Guide To Diagonal Put Spreads
What Is IV Crush? Review

JUNE 2020

Double Calendar Spreads
Selling Put Options – Getting Paid To Wait And Buy Stocks For Less
OptionNet Explorer Review
Market Chameleon Review
The Best Pre Earnings Option Strategy
What Is VXX And How Does It Work?
Three VIX Trading Strategies for 2020
Iron Condor PDF
What Is The Dividend Discount Model?

MAY 2020

0 DTE SPX Options
Small Account Option Strategies
The Ultimate Guide To The Bull Put Spread
Options Max Pain Theory Explained & How People Trade It
Jim Simons: The World’s Most Successful Hedge Fund Manager

APRIL 2020

Everything You Need to Know About Iron Condors
What Is A Calendar Spread?
Everything You Need To Know About Butterfly Spreads
The Ultimate Guide To Implied Volatility
The Risk Reversal Strategy
Using Accumulation/Distribution And OBV To Spot Market Strength
An Interview With Igor Ivanovskiy from Mr Top Tick

MARCH 2020

How To Trade Options Like Warren Buffett
What Is IV Rank And How To Use It
Interactive Brokers TWS Tutorial
What Is The CAN SLIM Method
How To Trade The Coronavirus Selloff
How To Trade Volatility In This Market


The Best Books on Trend Following
How To Calculate The Expected Move Of A Stock
SPX vs SPY Options
The Complete Guide To Options Vega
The Complete Guide To Options Theta
The Best Options Brokers


My 2 year XOM Trade


RUT Trade Idea For December
Options Trading 101
TWTR Trade Idea for December 5th
What Zero Commissions Mean for Option Traders
Top 3 Ways To Trade Credit Spreads For Income


Where To Invest For The Next 10 Years
Must Watch Charts For Monday November 18th
Buying Cheap Protection During ‘Frothy’ Markets


The Best Option Trading Journal Spreadsheet
67 Twitter Accounts Every Trader Should Follow
HD and TLT Iron Condor Updates
ROKU Offers High Risk High Reward For Bullish Traders


The Beginners Guide to Option Greeks
Two Iron Condor Trade Examples – HD and TLT
Are 10% Per Month Returns Possible With Iron Condors?
Why I Prefer Long-Term Iron Condors
AAPL Iron Condor Example – Legging In To A Long-Term Condor
Legging In To An Iron Condor – Is It Worth The Risk?


How To Get The Best Entries On Option Orders
Do Options Lose Value Over The Weekend?

JULY 2019

How To Use Finviz to Screen For Stocks
Charts I’m Watching

JUNE 2019

3 Trade Ideas For June 28th
Option Gamma Explained
6 Price Action Tips You Can Learn In 6 Minutes

MAY 2019

These Are The Things Keeping Me Up At Night
Everything You Need To Know About VIX Term Structure

APRIL 2019

CVS Poor Man’s Covered Call Example
SPX Is Headed to 3000. Here’s 2 Trade Ideas

MARCH 2019

Using Directional Butterfly’s To Protect Iron Condors


Dividend Kings List For 2019
3 High Powered Option Strategies for 2019


A Quick Lesson In Bear Market History
Half The S&P 500 Already in Bear Market Territory
These Stocks Are Looking Strong


How To Lose $100 Million
Is This The Perfect Time For Calendar Spreads?
A Quick And Easy Way To Cut Your Exposure In Falling Markets
VXX/VXXB Trading Strategy


EWZ Short Straddle With Delta Hedging Pays Off Nicely
Is This A Regular Correction, Or The Start Of Something Bigger?

JULY 2018

BAY Drops 10%, Here’s Four Trade Ideas
How To Invest In Real Estate Even If You Have Very Little Money

JUNE 2018

The Ultimate Guide To The Bear Call Spread
How To Find And Read Option Price Quotes
Two Dividend Stocks Perfect for Selling Naked Puts

MAY 2018

Free Option Books
DIS Earnings Trade Wins For The Fourth Time In A Row
Delta Neutral Option Strategy – Short Straddle with Delta Hedging
Case Study: Goldman Sachs Double Calendar and Double Diagonal
An Alternate View On Amazon and a Butterfly Trade Idea

APRIL 2018

I Missed The Boat Big Time On This Trade

MARCH 2018

Facebook Takes A Nosedive, Here’s 3 Trade Ideas
Empirically Identifying Successful Strategies in this Market


Chart Your Trade Review
Poor Man’s Covered Call
A Quick Lesson in Volatility


Dogs of the Dow 2018
Free Option Books


11 Books Every Would Be Trader Should Read
Introduction To REITs
VIX Trade Update
How Much Do You Need to Start Trading Options?


Why Delta Dollars Will Change Your Option Trading Forever


IBM Cash Secured Put Update
Understanding Implied Volatility

JULY 2017

The Importance of a Trading Routine
Cash Secured Put on IBM

JUNE 2017

The Ultimate Guide to Put Ratio Spreads
Free Option Books
RUT Set For A Breakout

MAY 2017

Charts I’m Watching
Do Buyers of Options Benefit From High Volatility?
Hindenburg Omen Looks…… Ominous.
Are We Due For A Bull Market In Volatility?

APRIL 2017

What Happens to Iron Condors When the Market Tanks?
TGT Ratio Spread Trade Review

MARCH 2017

26 Ways To Beat The Market Using Technical Analysis
Understanding Option Delta
The Best REITS for Trading Options


Top 50 Traders On Twitter – 2017 Edition
Top Option Trading Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Best Renewable Energy Stocks to Watch in 2017
9 Lessons From the Movie The Big Short
How to Hedge Option Delta Using Futures


How Does SVXY Work?
Buying Pre-Earnings Straddles
23 Lessons From Gun Trader Assad Tannous

MAY 2016

EWZ Wheel Trade Update
The Wheel Strategy

APRIL 2016

Covered Call Exit Strategies
Supercharge Your Covered Calls Using LEAPS


22 Trading Lessons From Jesse Livermore

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