Trader Joe’s Stock: Is Trader Joe’s Publicly Traded?

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by Gavin in Blog
November 8, 2022 0 comments

Today, we are looking at Trader Joe’s stock and answering the question, is it publicly traded?

Read on to learn more about Trader Joe’s.



Trader Joe’s is a popular North American grocery chain.

With more than 500 successful retail locations nationwide, Trader Joe’s has an excellent reputation with customers.

The company’s first retail location was launched in 1967 in the State of California.

Dan Bane has been the CEO of Trader Joe’s since the summer of 2001.

The company generated more than 16 billion dollars in gross revenue during the 2020 calendar year.

Many investors have wondered whether or not Trader Joe’s is an investable company on the North American Stock markets.

While many grocery chains are publicly listed for investors, Trader Joe’s is not one of them.

Investors may be sad to hear that Trader Joe’s remains a privately held company with no public stock symbol.

trader joes stock

Has Trader Joe’s Always Been Privately Owned?

Trader Joe’s has been privately owned since launching back in the 1960s.

Retaining the company’s values was one of the primary reasons that Trader Joe’s had never gone public.

When any company goes public, shareholders can often lead a charge to change company values and completely reshape how a company operates.

Now that we know that Trader Joe’s has always been privately owned let’s evaluate whether or not this grocery chain may go public in the future.

The grocery industry it’s more competitive than ever.

Trader Joe’s believes that its long-lasting company values contribute to its competitive advantage against rival chains.

For that reason, it is incredibly unlikely that Trader Joe’s will become a publicly traded company in the near future.

Trader Joe’s Revenues

During the 2020 calendar year, Trader Joe’s generated about 14 billion dollars in gross revenue.

It is estimated that more than 10,000 employees currently work for Trader Joe’s company.

There are more than 500 retail locations for Trader Joe’s across the United States right now.

Trader Joe’s is well-positioned when compared to several rival grocery chains.

Sprouts only generated about $16 in annual sales, while Whole Foods grocery chains generated a similar amount to Trader Joe’s in terms of revenue during the 2021 calendar year.

Trader Joe’s is known for their small beginning and how it evolved into a major grocery chain that started in Southern California.

The company’s future remains bright as Trader Joe’s continues to look at ways to boost its revenue without sacrificing its company values.

Most of Trader Joe’s retail locations are smaller than their competitors.

They have always been a brand that has done many great things without spending a lot of money on large retail locations.

This is likely why investors are so eager to try and invest in Trader Joe’s.

Unfortunately, that likely won’t be a possibility in the near future.

According to various demographics, Trader Joe’s has a customer base focusing on healthier food with organic properties and healthy nutritional benefits.

Many investors may see similarities between the health food chains like Sprouts Farmers Market and Whole Foods compared to Trader Joe’s.

Annual revenues during the 2022 calendar year are expected to be up for Trader Joe’s.

While it is not possible to currently invest in Trader Joe’s, we will look at some possible alternatives that may be interesting to investors.

How To Invest In Trader Joe’s

As we’ve mentioned, there’s no Trader Joe’s stock symbol on any stock exchange.

It is not currently possible to invest in this privately held grocery chain.

There may be some intriguing alternative investments that could catch your eye.

Amazon acquired Whole Foods in 2017 to become a major competitor within the grocery store industry.

It is well-known that Amazon spent more than 13 billion dollars to acquire Whole Foods to compete with companies like Trader Joe’s and Sprouts.

While some investors may find it interesting to invest in Amazon to gain some exposure to Whole Foods, several other feasible grocery chains are publicly listed.

Kroger and Albertsons are well-known North American grocery chains publicly listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

  • Trader Joe’s was launched in 1967 in Southern California.
  • Trader Joe’s generated more than $13 billion in gross revenue during the 2020 calendar year.
  • It remains unlikely for Trader Joe’s to become a publicly traded company in the future.

Traders will have to look at one of the rival grocery chains if they are looking to add a grocery store to their Investment Portfolio.

We will take a quick look at some similar investment opportunities available to traders.

Similar Investment Opportunities

Some investors may be interested in a couple of alternative investment opportunities.

If you are looking for an appealing grocery chain stock, then maybe one of the alternate options will catch your eye.


It is a publicly listed company that generated more than 130 billion dollars during the calendar year.

The company was founded by Bernard Kroger and was originally established back in 1883.  Kroger owns a collection of popular grocery chains, including Ralph’s, Food 4 Less, and City Market.

Kroger and its collection of grocery chains are not using the same business model as Trader Joe’s.

The company does not primarily focus on healthy foods like Trader Joe’s does, but it could appeal to some investors because of the diversity of brands that Kroger has acquired since its launch.

Kroger can easily be found on the stock exchange and has a recent stock price of 47 dollars per share as of August 2022.


Albertsons generated more than $60 billion in gross revenue during the 2020 calendar year.

The company has more than 2,000 grocery stores and is nearing 275,000 employees.

While Kroger is the largest grocery chain within the United States, Albertsons is a solid second behind them.

Albertsons also owns subsidiaries like Safeway and Vons.

The company’s stock trades for approximately $28 per share in August 2022.

Sprouts Farmers Market 

Some investors may be looking for a grocery chain that focuses on healthy food and organic produce.

Sprouts Farmers Market was founded in the State of Arizona in 2002 and generated more than $6 billion during the 2021 calendar year.

The company has more than 30,000 employees across all of its store locations.

If you are not interested in buying shares in Amazon’s stock to gain exposure to Whole Foods, you could easily purchase Sprouts Farmers Market shares at approximately 30 dollars per share in August of 2022.

Stock Price for Trader Joe’s in 2022?

Does Trader Joe’s have a stock price?

Since Trader Joe’s isn’t a company listed on any stock exchange, there’s no stock quote for Trader Joe’s.

Other grocery stocks are available that are publicly listed, but none are directly connected to Trader Joe’s.

Investors can look at a variety of competitor brands when looking for the right investment.

As previously discussed, Sprouts Farmers Market, Albertsons, and Kroger are all publicly traded grocery chains that could be appealing to investors.

Whole Foods is also a popular health-oriented grocery chain that can be purchased indirectly through Amazon’s stock.

Kroger’s stock is available at $47 per share, while Sprouts and Albertsons can be purchased for about $30 per share.

Amazon’s stock price is the highest at $140 per share as of August 2022.

Final Summary | Trader Joe’s Stock

Trader Joe’s will likely remain a private company indefinitely.

This may be a frustrating fact for some investors, but a few viable alternatives might be appealing as well.

Several public grocery chains could provide investors with an appealing investment opportunity.

There’s no doubt that Trader Joe’s has a very bright future.

Even though public trading for Trader Joe’s is currently impossible, the company will likely retain its values and continue to improve its quality by remaining a privately held company.

Many customers notice a positive atmosphere in their local Trader Joe’s retail location.

Prices are generally a little higher than in a traditional store, but the quality of the company’s retail products is also much higher.

Trader Joe’s offers organic product solutions and healthy foods instead of processed goods.

Revenues are likely going to continue improving over the next five years as the company’s short-term objectives come to fruition.

Trade safe!

Disclaimer: The information above is for educational purposes only and should not be treated as investment advice. The strategy presented would not be suitable for investors who are not familiar with exchange traded options. Any readers interested in this strategy should do their own research and seek advice from a licensed financial adviser.


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