Lego Stock: Is Lego Publicly Traded?

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by Gavin in Blog
December 28, 2021 0 comments
lego stock


The LEGO brand is one of the most popular brands globally, but is lego stock publicly traded?

After being headquartered and established in Denmark, thousands of potential investors have wondered if LEGO would become a publicly-traded company.

In this post, we will answer all of your questions about the LEGO company.

As an investor, you’re probably wondering if it is possible to buy shares in LEGO.

Unfortunately, LEGO is currently a privately held company, which means you won’t be able to find a listing for LEGO’s stock on any exchange.

After being established in Denmark back in 1949, the company has remained private for more than seven decades.

Is there a possibility that LEGO could go public in the future?

There’s always a possibility, so don’t completely rule out the chances of it happening.

Companies go public all the time, but it seems unlikely that LEGO would make such a decision at this point.

With more than seven decades of growth and success as a private company, it doesn’t seem like LEGO will be going public any time soon.

How To Invest In LEGO

It’s not currently possible for investors to buy shares in LEGO since it currently remains a private company.

Investors may still be interested in similar investment opportunities from the same industry.

The industry of making toys has always had a ton of competition.

While investors can’t currently invest in LEGO, there are other appealing investments very similar to the LEGO brand.

  • LEGO has remained a private company since 1949.
  • LEGO has been making toys for more than 70 years.
  • It is not likely that LEGO will become a publicly-traded company in the future.

It’s not possible to buy shares in LEGO, and it doesn’t seem likely that this will change in the future.

The good news for investors is that many other popular toy production brands might be appealing for investors.

By investing in the toy production industry, investors can take advantage of impressive revenue and growth in the future.

These companies offer excellent growth opportunities and may even pay out a dividend to shareholders.

lego stock

Similar Investment Opportunities

There are dozens of excellent investment opportunities within the toy production industry.

In this section, we’ll take a look at three of the best possible alternatives when trying to make an investment decision that may be similar to LEGO.


Hasbro is one of the most popular toy production companies in the world.

They are known for producing popular toys and board games and have had recent growth and potential for investors.

If you’re looking for an alternative investment opportunity to LEGO, then you might want to spend a little bit of time researching Hasbro.

Perhaps what you learn about Hasbro’s history will lead you to invest in their toy production brand.

Mattel Inc. 

Mattel has an exceptionally famous miniature vehicle diecast production brand, known as ‘Hot Wheels’.

This could be a brilliant opportunity for investors who want to invest in a similar concept from the toy industry.

Hot Wheels hasn’t been around as long, but you would easily see similar levels of popularity between these toy diecast cars and LEGO toys.

Stock Price for LEGO in 2021? 

Does LEGO have a stock price?

You won’t be able to search for the Lego stock on a stock exchange because the company doesn’t have a public trading symbol.

Because the company hasn’t gone public, you won’t find a stock symbol because they are not raising money from investors.

There’s also no way to indirectly invest in LEGO at this point.

Some alternative brands offer similar types of toy production services that might be appealing to investors who want to invest in the toy industry.

While LEGO does not have a stock price, alternative brands like Hasbro and Mattel do have publicly-traded stocks on the market.

Hasbro is currently trading at $98.00 in December of 2021, while Mattel is trading at $21.00.

Final Summary | LEGO Stock 

LEGO has been around for just over 70 years and is still considered one of the most famous toy companies in the world.

They have had many challenges throughout their lifespan, although LEGO toys remain prominent in the modern world.

The company adapts to changing industry conditions, including virtual competition from platforms like Minecraft and Roblox.

While there’s no way to guarantee any level of success for the LEGO company in the future, it appears that they will remain relevant for many decades into the future, just as they have since the 1950s.

New toy production ideas may continue to inspire LEGO into the future.

Trade safe!

Disclaimer: The information above is for educational purposes only and should not be treated as investment advice. The strategy presented would not be suitable for investors who are not familiar with exchange traded options. Any readers interested in this strategy should do their own research and seek advice from a licensed financial adviser.


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