Minecraft Stock: Can You Buy Shares In Minecraft?

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by Gavin in Blog
October 20, 2021 0 comments
Minecraft stock

Minecraft has been one of the most popular games in this era of the gaming industry. As a result, many investors have a critical question of whether it’s possible to buy shares in Minecraft stock.

We will answer all of your Minecraft-related queries and provide you with all of the information you need to know about as an investor.


Minecraft was an independently-developed video game that was initially released back in November of 2011.

The original company that published Minecraft was ‘Mojang Studios.’

After many years of updates, it ultimately became one of the most popular indie games of all time.

Microsoft has its platform around their Xbox consoles, and they saw an opportunity to expand Minecraft.

As a result, the company Microsoft purchased Minecraft for approximately $2.5 billion in 2014.

How To Invest In Minecraft

Investors can invest their funds into Minecraft by purchasing shares in Microsoft.

After the $2.5 billion transactions took place, it became possible for investors to buy shares in Minecraft’s new parent company.

In addition, Microsoft expanded the game’s platforms and brought the game to their brand-new modern gaming consoles that have sold millions of units around the entire world.

  • Microsoft Purchased Minecraft for $2.5 Billion in 2014
  • Minecraft Expanded to Xbox Console Platforms
  • Investors Can Invest In Minecraft’s Parent Company of Microsoft

It is not possible to directly buy shares of Minecraft.

If you went onto a stock brokerage and started searching for a stock symbol named ‘Minecraft,’ you wouldn’t have any luck.

The only way to invest in Minecraft is to acquire shares in Microsoft.

By investing in Microsoft, you’ll be able to contribute and invest in the future developments of Minecraft.

You’ll also have a significant investment in other aspects of Microsoft’s involvement with the gaming industry.

They continue to develop new console technologies that transform the video gaming industry every single year.

Microsoft continues to look for new ways to expand its presence in the world of gaming.

This goal goes far beyond developing Minecraft.

Investors should consider investing in Microsoft if they are interested in the idea of indirectly investing in Minecraft’s brand.

Minecraft stock

The Future For Minecraft

Minecraft has been a dominant force in the gaming industry for more than a decade, and there are no signs of letting up.

Investing in Microsoft could be a great idea as the game continues to receive periodic updates from its loyal fanbase.

Updates have already been planned for the next several years of Minecraft’s development cycle.

This is not only great for the loyal gamers that dedicate their life to enjoying Minecraft as a video game.

It’s also great for investors that want to get in on a piece of the action by investing in Microsoft.

Minecraft isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

The brand will be around for decades, and new generations of gamers will continue to enjoy it until something else comes along.

Microsoft’s acquisition of the independent game studio could be looked at as a positive thing.

However, there are no guarantees that Minecraft would still receive updates if the transaction never took place.

With that being said, Minecraft has a roadmap for several years into the future.

The potential seems almost endless, and millions of players continue to play it every single year.

Why Is Minecraft So Popular?

One of the reasons that Minecraft is so popular is because the game is so straightforward.

You jump into this voxel world that presents itself as a sandbox for building, exploring, and destruction.

As a result, Minecraft is a perfect game for children, teenagers, and even adults.

The overwhelming popularity of the brand goes far beyond the gameplay elements that you experience when playing.

It has been transformed to support many different platforms.

This can include mobile gaming, console gaming, and traditional computer gaming.

While you likely won’t ever be able to invest in a Minecraft stock directly, there are no signs that Microsoft will cease support for Minecraft any time soon.

This could make Microsoft an attractive investment, especially for investors looking to invest in the company that directly supports and develops Minecraft, along with many other aspects of the video game industry.

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Stock Price For Minecraft In 2021?

Does Minecraft have a stock price?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to search for Minecraft stock on a traditional stock exchange simply because it doesn’t exist.

Unfortunately, this also means that Minecraft doesn’t have a direct stock price.

As we’ve continued to mention throughout this guide, Microsoft owns and continues to develop Minecraft.

Therefore, as an investor, this may be your best opportunity to invest in Minecraft indirectly.

The Microsoft Corporation stock price is $289.50, according to the NASDAQ on August 12th.

Final Summary | Minecraft Stock

Microsoft has been the parent company for Minecraft for several years.

Investors have been excited to invest their money in Microsoft because of their emphasis on supporting the video game industry.

Minecraft has been an excellent acquisition for Microsoft because it has allowed them to build on its foundation and expand it to many additional platforms.

Microsoft has allowed millions of new users to enjoy the game in unique ways.

It appears that Microsoft will continue to advertise and develop Minecraft so that gamers can continue to enjoy the long-lasting influence that it has sprinkled across the gaming industry.

In addition, as new generations of kids grow up and look for new games to play, Minecraft remains a familiar brand that presents an excellent opportunity for both gamers and investors as the brand expands towards the future.

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Disclaimer: The information above is for educational purposes only and should not be treated as investment advice. The strategy presented would not be suitable for investors who are not familiar with exchange traded options. Any readers interested in this strategy should do their own research and seek advice from a licensed financial adviser.


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