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With 78 5-star reviews on Amazon, my books are one of my proudest achievements. At one stage My Butterfly book was the #2 rated book on Amazon in the options trading niche.

Butterfly Book #2 rated

My book on Iron Condors has received more reviews, perhaps because it is a more sought after topic and I also have books on Volatility and 37 Quick Tips for Option Traders.

Amazon allow me to give away my books for free every so often and I’m pleased to release the following dates that you can get your copy for free:

Bullsh*t Free Guide to Butterfly Spreads – June 8 – 12

Bullsh*t Free Guide to Option Volatility – June 15 – 19

Bullsh*t Free Guide to Iron Condors – June 22 – 26

Bullsh*t Free x 3 – June 29 – July 3

37 Quickfire Lessons in Trading Options – July 6 – 10

I hope you enjoy the books! If you do, please remember to leave a review on Amazon and hopefully I can reclaim that #2 ranking!



  1. KE JIA says:

    Dear Gavin,

    I like your book very much, but when I try to get it , it says not available to my country Singapore, I fell so sad, can you email me one copy ?


    Ke Jia

    1. Gavin says:

      Will send to you now.

  2. My Bamboo says:

    Dear Gavin, can I experienced the same, can you email me a copy too. Thanks very much.

  3. Phil says:

    I am also not able to get your ebook.
    Could you kindly send it to me as well.

  4. karen says:

    Hi Gav,

    Thanks for the free books! I totally messed up, though and missed the dates for 3 of them. I got Butterflys and 37 Lessons, but missed the others due to work overload. Any chance of a repeat offer?

    Thanks for the good tutorials. I’ve asked my friends to sign up to your site and learn these trading techniques.


  5. Chris says:

    Hi Gavin !

    Question: your five free books above are announced for June and July but bear no mention of the year, and I wonder if it is for the year 2016. Could you let me know?

    Thank you in advance for your answer as well as for kindly offering your books.


    1. Gavin says:

      Hi Chris, It was for 2015, but keep check back in the next week or so as I’ll be doing another free giveaway.

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Options Trading 101 - The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Options

Download The 12,000 Word Guide

Get It Now