Top 25 Traders On Twitter – 2014 Edition

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by Gavin in Blog
September 3, 2014 5 comments

It’s been a few years since I published the popular list of the Top 25 Traders on Twitter, so I figured it was time to update it with some new traders.

Twitter can be a great resource for trade ideas and market analysis.

Previously, when the market made a big move, I would go to CNN or Bloomberg to see what news was breaking. These days, I go straight to Twitter and usually find the answer within seconds.

Here is the list of the Top Traders on Twitter for 2014.

You can follow this list of traders by following the list I set up on Twitter.

1 – Steve Burns – 15,900 Followers – @SJosephBurns

Steve Burns is one of the most popular trading bloggers on the web. I have never seen a bad word written about him and he provides enormous value to his followers. Steve is super helpful, super responsive and a worthy number 1 in this list. Has logged over 37,400 tweets. Steve Burns Twitter   SB Tweets 2 SB Tweets 3 SB Tweets

2 – Dan Zanger – 34,200 Followers – @DanZanger

Dan Zanger holds the world record for the largest percentage gains in 12 months and 18 months having turned $10,775 into $18 million between June 1998 and December 1999. This performance saw him featured in Fortune, Forbes and Stocks and Commodities Magazine. Dan is an extremely experienced trader who provides great advice. Dan Zanger Twitter DZ Tweets DZ Tweets 2

3 – Ryan Detrick – 9,151 Followers – @RyanDetrick

Ryan Detrick is a Chartered Market Technician and a contributor on See It Market and Yahoo Finance. He focusses on market sentiment and provides great statistics and insights into the broader market. Has made numerous appearances on CNBC. Ryan Detrick Twitter   RD Tweets 2 RD Tweets

4 – Scott Redler – 25,600 Followers – @RedDogT3

Scott Redler is the founder of and a regular guest on CNBC and Bloomberg. A prolific tweeter with over 45,000 tweets he provides great insights into the markets as well as important technical levels on major stocks and the S&P 500. Scott Redler Twitter SR Tweets 2 SR Tweets 3 SR Tweets

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5 – Trader Stewie – 7,265 Followers – @traderstewie

Serial tweeter with over 60,000 tweets, Trader Stewie is a very popular trader on Twitter. Loves to trade FB, AAPL, NFLX and other high flying stocks but also tweets regularly about the S&P 500. Trader Stewie Twitter TS tweets 2 TS tweets 3 TS tweets

6 – Super_Trades – 27,000 Followers – @super_traders

The man with the Superman alter ego post numerous trade ideas that are verified on Trades with are verified out of the traders account and this guy makes some serious coin for his followers. Due your own due diligence as always though. Super Trades Twitter   ST Tweets (2) ST Tweets 3 ST Tweets

7 – NYC Trader – 23,300 Followers – @szaman

Prolific tweeter that like to keep it short and sweet, but covers multiple different stocks each day. NYC Trader is primarily a trend trader and will trade anything with a heartbeat. Has over 32,500 tweets. NYC Trader NYC Tweets 2 NYC Tweets

8 – Timothy Collins – 4,137 Followers – @RetroWallSt

Timothy Collins recently had a wicked take down of Keith McCullough and Jim Cramer which you can read here. He’s funny, irreverent and likes to trade options, so he’s a man after my own heart. Timothy Collins Twitter Timothy Collins Tweets Timothy Collins Tweets 3 Timothy Collins Tweets 2

9 – Rachel – 6.683 Followers – @Sassy_SPY

Rachel is a regular contributor on and also blogs at She mostly trades options with 2-6 weeks to expiry but also does some shorter term trades as well as providing great insights on the markets. Sassy SPY Twitter Sassy Tweets 2 Sassy Tweets Sassy Tweets 3

10 – Steven Spencer – 8,811 Followers – @sspencer_smb

Steven is a prop trader based in New York who does swing trades and intra-day trades. He is also a mentor at SMB Training. He’s pretty active on Twitter with over 21,000 tweets. Sspencer Twitter sspencer Tweets 2 sspencer Tweets

11 – Eddy Elfenbein – 16,400 Followers – @EddyElfenbein

Eddy Elfenbein is the man behind Crossing Wall Street which was named by CNN Money as the best buy and hold blog. He doesn’t provide as many stock tips as the others in this list, but his blog posts are first rate. Eddy Elfenbein Twitter Eddy Elfenbein Tweets Eddy Elfenbein Tweets 2

12 – Zachary Brethauer – 11,600 Followers – @tradingonfire

Zachary Brethauer is the man behind which launches in 6 days and has already generated a huge amount of buzz. You’ll get lots of tips and ideas following him on Twitter and I’m excited to see what he has in store for his site. Trader on fire twitter Trader on fire tweets Trader on fire tweets2

13 – Mr Top Step – 17,600 Followers – @MrTopStep

Mr Top Step is another prolific tweeter with over 50,000 tweets. Mostly his tweets contain market analysis and chart setups. In his words “I’m not a smart man, I am just a street guy just follow trends”. Worth a follow. Mr Top Step Twitter Mr Top Step Tweets Mr Top Step Tweets 3 Mr Top Step Tweets 2

14 – Marc Lehman – 17,400 Followers – @markflowchatter

Marc Lehman is a buy side trader who likes to trade the biotechs. His tweets are full of value and provide information that you won’t find anywhere else on the web. He’s the go to guy if you like trading biotech stocks. Marc Lehman Twitter Marc Lehman Tweets Marc Lehman Tweets 2

15 – Dvolatility – 8,282 Followers – @Dvolatility

Dvolatility is based in Detroit which is not a place you would expect to find too many thriving traders, but that is exactly what this trader is. He is a good source of information on a variety of market topics. His blog was listed in the Top 100 Option Trading Blogs by Commodity HQ. Dvolatility Twitter dvol tweets 2 dvol tweets 3 dvol tweets

16 – Jon Boorman – 7,265 Followers – @jboorman

Jon Boorman is a Chartered Market Technician and portfolio manager. Tweets some great technical and fundamental analysis for the market and popular stocks. Jon Boorman Twitter JB Tweets JB Tweets 2

17 – Sheldon McIntyre – 4,967 Followers – @hertcapital

Sheldon McIntyre is a professional trader and a contributor on See It Market. Tweets regularly with comments and charts on stocks and also provides great blog updates. Sheldon McIntyre Twitter SM Tweets SM Tweets 2

18 – OptionsTrader31 – 4,742 Followers – @OptionsTrader31

OptionsTrader31 is a swing trader that posts regular chart updates and stock setups. A great trader to follow as he keeps it short and sweet but provides lots of value and insight. OptionsTrader31 OptionsTrader31 Twitter 2 OptionsTrader31 Twitter

19 – Bryon Franzen – 4,602 Followers – @bkfViking123

Full time trader focussing on lesser known stocks and seems to trade just about anything an everything. Tweets are valuable though and has some great picks. Bryon Franzen Bryon Franzen Tweets Bryon Franzen Tweets 2

20 – Brett Steenbarger – 15,100 Followers – @steenbab

Brett Steenbarger is the author of The Psychology of Trading, Enhancing Trader Performance and The Daily Trading Coach. He is a Ph.D. and has also worked at a global macro hedge fund. Brett does great work as a trading coach and his aim is to improve your trading performance. Brett S Twitter Brett S Tweets Brett S Tweets 2

21 – Nathan Michaud – 41,500 Followers – @InvestorsLive

Nathan Michaud is a daytrader and the man behind Nathan is also involved in the charity Trades 4 a Cause and he joined the guru team in 2012. Nathan Twitter Nathan Tweets Nathan Tweets 2

22 –  Option Bob – 3,380 Followers – @optionbob

Option Bob is another trader that focusses mainly on options. While he doesn’t have the same number of tweets and followers in this list, it’s more a case of quality over quantity. Option Bob Twitter Option Bob Tweets Option Bob Tweets 2

23 – Irrelevant Investor – 2,793 Followers – @michaelbatnick

Michael Batnick, aka the Irrelevant Investor is a Yahoo Finance contributor and Director of Research at Ritholtz Wealth Management. Since joining Yahoo Finance Michael has become prolific on Twitter and his market research is very insightful.

Irrelevant Investor Twitter Irrelevant Investor Tweets Irrelevant Investor Tweets

24 – C.J. Mendes – 2,097 Followers – @CJMendes

C.J. Mendes is an equities futures and options trader. You get lots of quality tweets here and he should really have more followers than he does so go ahead and give him a follow. CJ Mendes CJ Mendes Tweets CJ Mendes Tweets 2

25 – Mark Minervini – 119,000 Followers – @markminervini

Mark Minervini is the author of Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard and was also featured in Jack Schwager’s popular book Market Wizards. Mark has achieved some phenomenal trading results and coaches other traders to do the same using his Specific Entry Point Analysis signals.

Mark Minervini Twitter

Mark Minervini Tweets Mark Minervini Tweets 2

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  1. magptrader says:

    That was a good comprehensive list. Thanks!

  2. Gavin says:

    Thanks magptrader.

  3. Sheldon McIntyre says:

    Gavin, I’m humbled to mentioned on the list this year. All the best in the 2015!

  4. MikeLyon says:

    Thanks for posting this list with commentary!

  5. Matt says:

    No Tim Sykes?

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