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Hi guys, welcome to the course! So excited to have you here!

Make sure you register for the weekly webinars starting Thursday August 20th at 8pm New York time.

Once you register, you are registered for ALL sessions, there’s no need to register each time. Also, you will get a reminder email, just in case you forget when the next session is.

Feel free to contact me anytime with questions. The best way is via Discord:

Enjoy the course, I know you’re going to love it and I’ll talk to you soon!


Iron Condor

Iron Trapdoor

Bearish Butterflies

Diagonal Spreads

Calendar Spreads


Bull Put Spreads

Iron Condors



Options Trading 101

Understanding Option Delta

Iron Condor Introductory Course

Everything You Need To Know About Iron Condors

Everything You Need To Know About Calendar Spreads

Everything You Need To Know About Butterfly Spreads

Gamma Risk Explained

Contango and Backwardation Explained


5 Step Blueprint to Options Trading Success

Delta Demystified

Greeks and Greek Ratios

Interactive Brokers Risk Navigator Tutorial

Interactive Brokers Credit Spread Tutorial


Profit Tracking

Trade Tracking

Standard Deviation Calculator

Member Tools Spreadsheet

Position Sizing Guide:

Strategy Selection Guide:

Webinar Replays:

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4


AAPL Bear Call Spread – Closed for -$145 or -15.76%

CVX Bear Call Spread – Expired for +$90 or 9.89%

JPM Calendar Spread – Expired for -$37 or -13%

NFLX Bull Put Spread – Closed for +$63 or 7.33%

PYPL Bull Put Spread – Closed for +$53 or 5.89%

AMZN Bull Put Spread – Stopped out for -$255 or -30.72%

DIS Bull Put Spread – Turned into a Condor and expired for +$286 or 40.06%

GS Calendar Spread – Closed for +$200 or 25.71%

HD Bearish Calendar – Closed for +$222 or 31.53%.

IWM Iron Condor

MSFT Butterfly Spread – Closed for -$130 or 13%.

SHOP Bull Put Spread – Closed for -$255 or -30.72%

NFLX Diagonal Put Spread – Expired / Closed for +$772 or 19.39%

RUT Trapdoor – Closed for +$350 or 3.65%


module 1:

Everything You Need to Know to Successfully Trade Iron Condors

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module 2:

Iron Condor Trade Examples – What Works and What to Avoid

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module 3:

Iron Condor Tips, Tricks and Rules (Including How to Trade With a Small Account)

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module 4:

Adjustment Master Class – Step by Step System For Getting Trades Back on Track

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< Download the Iron Condor Adjustment Guide >