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3 Trades 3 Winners! Follow Along And See How I Managed These Positions.

I recently completed a 1 month group mentoring and trading course teaching 3 of my favorite trading strategies.  In the course, I covered the following:

  • Bearish Butterflies – An easy to follow strategy with simple and well defined adjustments
  • Iron Condors – Still number 1 for consistent monthly income
  • Diagonal Condors – My personal variation on the iron condor to reduce Vega and increase profit potential

There were 8 recorded sessions where we followed along with these 3 trades and there was some fantastic Q&A and huge learning achieved. Here’s a summary of how the three trades performed:

  • Bearish Butterfly: $390 Profit. Zero adjustments. +18.26% return in 15 days
  • Iron Condor: $610 Profit. RUT moved 8% in 8 days yet we still made a profit. +2.77% return in 28 days.
  • Diagonal Condor: $940 Profit. Only 1 adjustment. 5.37% return in 18 days

You can now access a replay of all the sessions, plus get copies of all the trading plans and learning materials. This includes a copy of my iron condor adjustment guide containing 9 different methods for adjusting iron condors. You will also get a copy of written Q&A that contains over 30 questions.

Learn these 3 strategies inside and out as you follow along with my trade initiation, management and adjustments. Here’s what you’ll get:

      • A detailed and easy to follow trading plan for each of the 3 strategies
      • A new boost of trading confidence
      • Eliminate the guesswork and indecision in your trading
      • Instructions on setting up a trading log and journal
      • New risk management techniques
      • An understanding of how to hedge volatility risk
      • Adjustment ideas based on prevailing market conditions

Take your trading to the next level by learning new strategies and techniques that will help you profit in any market environment.

As a member of the course, you will also get unlimited email support from me and a group coaching session to review all the concept covered.

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