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This course will be coming to you via a series of emails where I will detail the most important components of iron condor trading. The course is structured as follows:

Part 1 – Details of the trade
Part 2 – The Philosophy
Part 3 – The Risks!
Part 4 – Best Ways to Enter and Exit
Part 5 – Iron Condor Entry Rules
Part 6 – Adjustments
Part 7 – Sample Iron Condor Trading Plan
Part 8 – How To Trade a “Mouse Ear”
Part 9 – How To Deal With Early Assignment
Part 10 – Indexes or ETF’s?

I’ll break each section up into bit sized, actionable chunks so that you won’t be overwhelmed with too much information all in one go. I’ll also send along some other valuable nuggets of information I’ve learnt over the past 9 years of trading.

To instantly access the course, just put in your email below and it will be automatically sent to you.

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